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sh:z-Gruppe chooses iAnnounce

The sh:z group, which owns the titles of the Schleswig-Holsteinischen Zeitungsverlages, as well as the titles from the Beig publishing house north of Hamburg, and the SchwerinerVolkszeitung from Mecklenburg, has chosen iAnnounce to implement its family announcement portal. The obituary portal and the portals for happier family announcements can be found here:

iAnnounce for the Elbe-Weser-Raum newspapers

The seven titles which together make up the Elbe-Weser-Raum newspapers and which do not share ownership of their companies, have jointly decided to use iAnnounce for the realisation of their obituary portal. The following obituary portals will at first be presented:

welche sich am Design des Portals der Sächsischen Zeitung orientierten.

Des Weiteren wurden die folgenden Portale für fröhliche Anzeigen eingeführt:

Alle Artikel zu iAnnounce finden Sie hier.

Sächsische Zeitung: First German client for iAnnounce

iAnnounce, Europe’s leading service provider for white label family portals, has realised its first German-language obituary portal for its client the Sächsische Zeitung. All adverts as well as all  possible interactions have been imported from the previous service provider trauer.de. The scope of services for both the user and the advertisers has been extensively expanded. The particulars can be found here.