Media Service Providers

A significant part of the company’s activities are devoted to the support of media service providers.
Consultancy services and support are currently being given to one German and three British media companies, who excel at offering comprehensive and specialised solutions to other media enterprises. These services are offered to the users of the respective media company in its name in such a way that only dedicated research would show that the services being offered are provided (either wholly or partially) not in fact by the company under whose banner they appear but from their service provider.

Advantages for media companies

  • employment of a specialised service provider that is a leader in its field and which is constantly working on improving and further developing the solutions it offers;
  • the service provider is acting for a number of media companies and can thus spread its costs over a large customer base, allowing the respective partners of the provider to profit from a considerable economy of scale;
  • the large client base means that there is a constant pressure for the service provider to better adapt and develop its performance, to the advantage of its clients and their users.

This means that media companies can make use of specialised solutions at a markedly lower price than would be possible if they were to develop their own solutions. Furthermore it means that the management burden is greatly reduced, as the reviewing of an existing solution already in use is much easier and safer than going to the trouble of developing the solution oneself.



Media Advisory