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Video of the production of a digital advertisement using Localstars

Here you can see how a digital advertisement (rich media), beginning with the choice of an ad template, can be individualised and exactly tailored to the requirements of a (potential) client. It is also very interesting to keep a track of the length of this video, as it is about the same time that an employee, once trained to use the system, would need to produce a digital advertisement. This will be automatically translated into a variety of formats at the end of the production process.

Südkurier puts digital Localstars sample ads online

The Südkurier has simultaneously simplified the purchasing of digital advertisements for its customers and made the lives of its sales representatives easier.

The company has produced and placed online dozens of sample adverts made with Localstars. These are organised according to sector, so that when its representative is talking to a Südkurier customer he has only to go onto the relevant page to be able to show an example of a sample ad for  building and renovation, painting, gastronomy etc..

The sample ads can be seen here.

Südkurier cooperates with Localstars

The newspaper Südkurier is the first German publisher to use Localstars.  Part of what makes Localstars especially attractive to the paper is their innovative technology that provides a comprehensive software solution, hand-in-hand with thousands of digital ad templates. Südkurier’s users – especially the smaller and medium-sized companies which operate in its area of circulation – stand to profit from this, as it enables them to book professionally developed digital advertising media at affordable prices.

Sensible ending of a process of participation

A client was considering the possibility of extending and strategically securing a major print title of his by acquiring shares of a company that pursued the same subject matter but in other mediums.

The basic idea was convincing, the strategic projections both correctly thought out and future-oriented – nonetheless the client was dissuaded from a share acquisition on grounds of external unpredictability.

The client followed this advice and broke off the discussion. To put a stop to a purchase can lead to a 100% yield in individual cases (saving of the invested capital) and more (no subsequent payments).