The British company TheDatingLab is successfully active since 1995 as a provider of services to media partners. It is a subsidiary of the 1989 founded company Spoke, which until July 2012 was called Telecom Express. The company specialises in providing services for media enterprises, with its main focus on the implementation of interactive services.

There are 60 employees working in the centre of London.

Around 10 years ago TheDatingLab shifted its focus to implementing internet-based platforms which could under the banner of the respective partner offer a comprehensive dating service. Today over 150 sites are being maintained, each under the banner of the respective partner (a list of some partner companies is listed further down the page). The basic membership is free of charge for the user, the comprehensive use of the service however requires a premium paid membership. The user receives among other things a two-way-matching offer – as it would not be of much use if the potential partner was a 100% match but the other way around there was a match of only 10%. It’s also possible to establish decisive criteria – which leads to all candidates which do not fulfil these criteria being left out of the results (e.g. desire to have children – yes/no).

The business model is based on a win-win approach, which translates as the generated net revenues being split between the partners.

The division of labour is also clearly structured: The media partner promotes the planned portal, which will stand under his brand identity, and is thus responsible for the marketing of the portal. To this end numerous resources and tools are provided by TheDatingLab.

TheDatingLab is responsible for everything else: Maintenance and development of the site, monitoring, customer service, handling of payments in cooperation with specialised services (e.g. Paypal), mobile service, etc..

The company is internationally successful. Here is an overview of some of its most renowned clients:

The Telegraph, national British newspaper: Dating Portal:

The Times, national British newspaper: Dating Portal:

The Scotsman, British regional newspaper: Dating Portal:

Classicfm – national British radio station Dating Portal:

El Mundo, national Spanish daily  newspaper   Dating Portal:

Nieuwsblad, national Belgian newspaper Dating Portal:, South African news website Dating Portal:

In Germany the first portal will go online in the 4th quarter of 2013.

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