Following the German iAnnounce client event, the European iAnnounce meeting was held in the Berlin John F. Arcotel on February 12, 2015. The decentralized working team members travelled there among other things from Poland, Italy, Ireland, England, France and Spain. CEO of iAnnounce Paul Roche led the day.

The meeting of the UK-based Software company for family announcements was determined by the areas of IT, Sales & Marketing, portal-moderating and Human Resources. Furthermore the new CTO of Legacy.com, the mother company of iAnnounce, Mark Castrovinci introduced himself. Castrovinci is looking back on an impressive international career in various important positions in the IT sector which enables him to contribute many important impulses for the company. He availed himself of the opportunity to present and discuss his roadmap for further IT developments. Castrovinci travelled there from the U.S..

The successful day was rounded off with a dinner at the restaurant “Le petit Felix”.